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To make improved functional performance and quality of life an achievable, attainable goal for every woman during her journey through the life-course by guiding her in client-centered, holistic, integrative solutions.


What's in a name?...


The word 'Alchemy' is historically associated with the desired process of transforming ordinary everyday metals into pure gold -- or the search for the everlasting elixir of life. Remnants of these tales from the days of antiquity fill our modern minds with stories of myth and fantasy. 

However, a great number of philosophers over time have interpreted the true meaning of these quests for priceless matter and life beyond mortal years to mean something much different. Real alchemy is said to be a transformation of one's inner life. Striving for and achieving a transcendence of the lived experience -- creating a life of pure gold, with an everlasting impact -- creating something extraordinary from the ordinary. 

Alchemy, in this modern view, strives to transform the lived experience of every being.  As nothing in a woman's life is more transformational than the process of creating life and birthing a new identity as 'mother' -- this monumental event can be seen as the cornerstone in the process of deep transcending growth. 

Heather M. Truog, OTD, OTR/L, PYT, CLC, PMH-C
doctor of occupational therapy 

Hi, I'm Heather, owner of Modern Alchemy, and I'd love to introduce myself. 

I'm a woman, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a dog lover, and so much more.  I'm on this journey of health and wellness with all of you, and it is my honor to share my knowledge and skills in the area of practice that I am most passionate about with this community -- Women's Health. 

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