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- L I F E S T Y L E   M E D I C I N E -


Bridging the evidence-based knowledge of the profession of occupational therapy (the daily-life experts) with the integrative philosophies imbedded in the Functional Medicine approach to wellness. 

  • 1:1intervention sessions 

  • Group workshops 

  • Applied activity analysis of complex daily functions

  • Health promotion of occupational balance in day-to-today routines 

  • Health promotion of adaptive lifestyle protocols

  • Health promotion for improving perceptions of quality of life and wellness satisfaction​​

  • Applications of mindfulness based stress reduction 

  • Promotes applied understanding of the Gut-Brain Axis

  • Health promotion applied understanding of the hypothalamic--pituitary--adrenal (HPA) Axis 

  • Health promotion applied understanding of female specific hormonal cycles in daily/monthly/seasonal function 

Areas of daily function commonly addressed:

Basic Activities of Daily Living (self-care tasks)

Caring for Others/Child Rearing

Community Interaction 

Social Participation 

Intimate Partner Relations 

Workplace + Professional Tasks 

Education + Informal Learning

Household Management

Health Management + Maintenance 

Meal Prep + Healthy Cooking + Nutrition

Physical Play + Exercise + Activity

Leisure Activity 

Sleep + Rest

Religious or Spiritual Activity + Expression

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