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- P R I C I N G  +  I N S U R A N C E -


Empowered Birth Bundle = $290
Includes: 3 birth-prep treatment sessions
(1x  75 minutes; 2 x 60 minutes)
Empowered Mama Bundle = $475
Includes: 5 prenatal/postpartum treatment sessions
(1x 75 minutes; 4 x 60 minutes)

Get the necessary information about how to prevent injury, to promote optimal function and stability, and how to recover and thrive before and after baby is born. 

The Empowered Birth and Empowered Mama bundles were created to give women navigating the transformation of birth access to discounted prices when advocating for their health needs. 

Have questions?  Contact me!  

Private-pay pricing: 
Initial evaluations = $150
60 minute treatment sessions = $100 
90 minute treatment sessions = $140

* Don't let cost be the thing that stops you from getting the care you need, contact me for options. 

* Super-bills will be provided for retroactive reimbursement to non-network insurance providers upon request. 


Currently accepting:

- Tricare Select 


- MedCost

- BCBS of NC

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