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Ecstatic Dance Party: the 80's, 90's, early 00's

Dec. 29th , 6:00 - 8:00pm  | $35

@ Transcendent Wellness
244 1/2 Middle St., New Bern, NC

Ecstatic dance is a form of free flowing movement in which the participants, without the need to follow a specific sequence of steps, abandon themselves to the rhythm and move freely as the music guides them, leading to feelings of ecstasy -- pure joy. 

Research [1, 2, 3] tells us that dance has multiple health benefits including:

  • reduction of stress

  • increased levels of the feel-good hormone serotonin

  • helps to develop new neural connections in the brain

  • reduction of chronic pain

  • improved muscular strength

  • improved flexibility and range of motion 

  • improved cardiovascular and pulmonary health 

If you are in need of feeling more freedom in you body and more joy in your life -- join us!  It's going to be FUN! 

Overview and Expectations:

Doors will open 10 minutes prior to the start of event. 

Doors will close 10 minutes after.

The first 10 minutes will be semi-guided with cued movements for engagement.

You can always leave early if you should so desire, and dance breaks are ok.  

We will end the experience with a closing circle to ground and process in the last 15 minutes.



Be Kind

Chances are you're not a professional dancer, nor have you ever taken any real dance lessons. Get comfortable with the idea of looking 'silly'... that's the point. We're all just here for the good vibes and fun feels.


Be Respectful

This event will limit participants so that everyone attending can have ample space to move and express their inner rhythm freely, please don't hog up all the good dance space, be mindful of those around you.  


Be Consensual

Ecstatic dance is typically a method of interpretive movement where the participants are dancing in parallel solo expression -- meaning "I'll be over here doing my thing, you stay over there doing yours"... but, if you want to vibe with someone else, ok -- consent required, don't assume. 




Q: Can dudes come to 'Ladies Night' events? 

A: Absolutely! 

Q: What is the dress code

A: Please dress to your comfort.  No shoes in the yoga studio.  Exercise clothing is deal. Decade garb is always fun, but you do you!  

Q: Am I going to get all sweaty?

A: Maybe. Probably. Depends on how hard you abandon yourself to the music.

Q: Will there be refreshments served at this event?

A: Nope.  You are welcome to enjoy your requisite refreshments prior to this event if you require liquid courage, but this is an H20 only event.  


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