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Vulva Painting on Ceramics!

(That's right.)

Thursday November16th, 5:00 - 7:00pm  | $55

@ The Accidental Artist
219 A Craven St., New Bern, NC

This Happy Hour style event is meant to be a taboo breaker.  Join us in a night of creative expression, laughter, and a rousing game of women's health trivia (winner gets a prize).  The amazing owner of The Accidental Artist in downtown New Bern, NC has graciously embraced this themed event and is on board to empower the conversation around women's health and wellness! We certainly need more of this in our lives and community. Come paint a bowl, a mug, a serving plate, or -- because it's that time of year! -- a Christmas tree ornament!  

What to Expect

Your registration fee will cover the cost of painting and firing one item of your selection (bowl, plate, mug, or ornament) in whatever artistic rendering of a vulva (or womb) of your making.

Not an artist, worried your vulva will come out looking less than impressive? Don't worry, it's abstract! and I've got some template ideas for everyone as needed. 

And plus, it's happy hour! Have a glass of Prosecco and enjoy some snacks. Don't take it so seriously. It's all in good fun. 

While we paint, I'll be entertaining y'all with a rousing game of trivia -- I have a feeling you're going to learn a thing or two! (Because we just don't know what we don't know).


And that's the whole point, let's get the conversation started so we can all ask better questions and be a bit more empowered in our health-course. 

Ready to come have some fun?

* All profits from Ladies Night Events will go to the Modern Alchemy scholarship fund. This fund helps make skilled services more feasible for anyone who might need a little help finding the resources to get the care they need to thrive. 

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