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*Serving the New Bern area, limitations apply. 

Doing anything with a newborn can feel impossible.  Especially getting out the door to prioritize your own self care.  I get it.  I'll come to you. 

The 'house-call' model of care has made a resurgence in recent years, and it's an ideal model of care for women in the 4th trimester. Instead of the client coming into the clinic, the 'clinic' comes to you.  


Following a brief conversation about your care needs, I will arrive to your home for our appointment with all the necessary equipment.  

Freaked out about the idea of someone coming into your private (messy) space as you navigate this tumultuous transition? Don't worry, I get that too.  We tend to polish our environments as much as we attempt to polish ourselves -- but I am a huge advocate of keeping things raw and real.  Your messy house and your messy life are 100% a part of who you are right now, and that's okay.  It's a messy transition. 

But, you're always welcome to come to me as well! 


Located in historic downtown New Bern, NC

220A E. Front St.

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