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Whats in the library?...


What is the Pelvic Floor (PF)? -- and why the heck hasn't anyone explained this to me before?

Why is the PF so Integral to Stability? -- because IT IS.  

The PF During Pregnancy & Labor -- the 'big show' for those PF muscles. 

What is ‘common’ vs. What is ‘normal’ PF Function Postpartum? -- let's clear up some misconceptions about the difference between these two. 

Why am I Leaking?? -- the 101 on urinary urgency, leakage, and stress Incontinence (of bowel and bladder).


Why can't I Poop?  -- constipation, straining, and what pregnancy does to the whole GI tract.  


Pelvic Pain & Painful Sex -- what you need to know after that 6 week 'all good' before you jump back into the sheets 

Bulging and Feelings of Heaviness Down There -- the 101 on pelvic organ prolapse, and how to prevent it! 

Back Pain 101-- the MOST common issue postpartum, and it's inadequately addressed 9x out of 10. 


What is Recommended? -- demystifying all that conflicting information.

Preparing for Baby -- if we only spent as much time thinking about preparing to lactate as we did about birth... 

Benefits of Breastfeeding -- the 101 on why it's a great choice for both mom and baby.  

Milk Production -- how does any of this work anyway???

Positioning & Latch -- majority of the breastfeeding struggle can be fixed by correcting position and latch! 

Is Baby Getting Enough Milk??? -- Get the facts. Kick the anxiety. 

Setting Yourself Up for Breastfeeding Success -- it's all about having a good plan.

Addressing Common Concerns -- the 101 on painful nipples, plugged ducts, yeast and candida (eek), mastitis (the big eek!), and anxiety about 'enough'.


Momming Ain’t Easy -- the challenges faced by modern moms in a modern world.

Secure Attachment -- the essential role of the primary parent in child development.

More than Just “SAD” – the 101 on the spectrum of perinatal mood disorders 

Postpartum Depression (PPD) -- the 'big scary' that too many women are ashamed to talk about (or simply ask the right questions). 

Dads Experience PPD Too! -- that's right, dads have it hard too. 

Postpartum Anxiety -- there's a lot to feel anxious about, how can you not? 

Obsessive Compulsive Perfectionism (Super Mom) -- what is 'Pinterest perfect' doing to our maternal culture? 

You are Not Alone -- getting solutions. 


Sleep 101 -- why it's so important, and how it's F'ing with your hormones.

Healthy Gut 101 -- how health begins and ends in the gut. 

Breath 101 -- how it's affected everything from your mood to your pelvic floor function. 

Yoga for a Happy Nervous System -- down-train your central stress response, up-train your 'inner Zen zone'.

Understanding your Dosha -- Ayurveda is a confusing science, let's make it simple.

Yin Energy vs. Yang Energy -- almost everything can be explained in this simple balance of forces. 

Breath 101 -- how it's affected everything from your mood to your pelvic floor function. 

Lifestyle Balance -- the 'occupational perspective' on balanced living.  

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