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- T E S T I M O N I A L S -

Lynette, new mom

I have had the pleasure of working with Heather 1:1, in an in-person workshop, and through her excellent video education series. Her deep knowledge of the pelvic floor and her passion for women’s health shines through in everything she does. 


I loved that her approach to postpartum health and recovery is holistic, looking beyond just the physical structures to the whole person. 


Her warm, personalized method made me feel well cared for and at ease through every meeting. Our sessions together gave me practical, easily applicable techniques to immediately improve my pelvic floor health and overall wellbeing. 


I would highly recommend Heather Truog and Modern Alchemy to any woman regardless of their stage of life. 

Heather, new mom

I first came to Heather to learn about my pelvic floor while I was pregnant. I am so grateful for her knowledge, before meeting Heather I had no idea about my pelvic floor, let alone how to properly care for it. She provided me with a plethora of information that I found invaluable throughout my pregnancy and especially after I delivered my baby.


Because of the services Heather provides, I now know that being unable to hold your urine after giving birth is not “normal” and is an issue that can be addressed and remedied. 

Through the exercises that Heather has shown me, I am able to start rebuilding strength in my body and my pelvic floor. She has shown me how to move my body in a way that will help me heal and get stronger after pregnancy without damaging my pelvic floor. 

I truly believe because of her and the exercises and information she has given me I have had zero issues with urinary incontinence or painful sex after delivering my baby. I am and will continue to be forever grateful to Heather for giving me the knowledge I now have about my body.

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